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Voice Caddie VC200 is distributed in Poland by ABK Sport.

Device can be bought directly by contacting us : 22 401 22 16,

As an exclusive distributor of Voice Caddie in Poland and Czech Republic we are offering a special deal to all golf pro-shops.

This revolutionary GPS instrument measuring distance on over 30 000 golf courses World wide is also a super gift for companies working with golfers. Imprinted logo of the company is available upon request.

Delivery time may vary depending on the number of ongoing orders.
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Where to buy
Voice Caddie is the worlds first smart GPS that communicates acoustically with the player, instantly telling you the distance to the center of the green or the length of any particular shot or drive.

Voice Caddie is an ultra small unit that can be easily worn on either your cap or belt.

Just turn it on and you are set to go! Auto course recognition - No downloading, No annual fees, No recurring costs absolutely nothing additional to pay!
You can order Voice Caddie with you logo (exemplary visualization):
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