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mygolfspy: The Voice Caddie GPS is a great product. Yes, it has some shortcomings that some of you are not going to like, and that influenced its score. Although, in the end, it still received a good rating. (...) If you are that golfer, I donít think you will be disappointed. You will save some money too!

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The Hackers Paradise: I look for two things from a golf GPS device. First I need it to be easy to use. As you can see Voice Caddie is definitely very easy to use. You just turn it on and press the button and youíre ready for action. The other thing I absolutely demand is accuracy. As I mentioned, the distances you get from Voice Caddie are to the center of the green. Each time I compared yardages with another type of GPS unit it was spot on. (...) If you are a golfer that would benefit from having yardages to the center of the green without all the bells and whistles of an expensive full color display, I definitely recommend taking a closer look at Voice Caddie.

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Voice Caddie is the worlds first smart GPS that communicates acoustically with the player, instantly telling you the distance to the center of the green or the length of any particular shot or drive.

Voice Caddie is an ultra small unit that can be easily worn on either your cap or belt.

Just turn it on and you are set to go! Auto course recognition - No downloading, No annual fees, No recurring costs absolutely nothing additional to pay!
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